Always getting pushed around?

Do people walk all over you?

There’s a fine line between assertion and aggression; but if you’re neither people will think you’re a complete pushover. Lack of assertion can affect your career plans, and it can affect your personal relationships, too.

Our Be Assertive hypnosis session is designed to help you put yourself forward calmly and confidently as you become more self-assured and realize that you have a right to be heard.

Simply sit back and listen to this incredible hypnosis session, as Be Assertive gives you the motivation to break free from feeling like you don’t count and experience a whole new world of respect and admiration.

Sit back and relax as this sensational recording releases your frustrations and anxieties, helping you:

  • Be self-assured and confident
  • Expect to be heard and respected
  • Stand up and be counted

Don’t be a doormat!

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